Celebrating a Landmark Achievement: Passing of the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill

Today, India Future Foundation (IFF) joins the nation in celebrating the passing of the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill. This historic legislation marks a significant step towards safeguarding the privacy and security of Indian citizens. #DataProtection #PrivacyRightsn.

Aligning with Global Standards

India's commitment towards data protection aligns us with global standards, ensuring that personal information is handled with care and responsibility. #GlobalStandards

A Collective Journey

The passing of this Bill reflects the collaboration, determination, and vision of all those involved. It's a victory for transparency, accountability and the fundamental right to privacy. #CollectiveEffort #Transparency

Towards a Brighter Future

As we look forward to the implementation phase, we are filled with optimism and confidence in the positive impact this bill will have on the lives of the people of India. #LookingAhead #BrighterFuture

IFF is proud to be part of a nation that prioritizes the privacy and security of its citizens. We commend the efforts of everyone involved in this landmark achievement and look forward to contributing to the ongoing dialogue on cybersecurity and data privacy in India.