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Financial Express Article on “Decoding ‘smart’ wave: Why India must have clear ‘security ratings’”

Author: Kanishk Gaur (Founder, India Future Foundation) was quoted

In an article in this newspaper, Kanishk Gaur had highlighted that the risks for Indian consumers are far greater as most devices are imported from countries like China, especially when industry IoT growth is expected to outpace consumer IoT. With consulting firm Zinnov expecting Indian IoT devices to grow tenfold, to 2 billion by 2021, and the market to soar to $15 billion, there is an urgent need to define standards. This will ensure that companies and consumers increasingly reliant on digital technologies are not left vulnerable to attacks.

Publication : Economic Times
Date: 5th Nov 2020
Financial Express Article on “India needs IoT security standards”

Author: Kanishk Gaur (Founder, India Future Foundation)

The Indian healthcare ecosystem is steadily moving towards smart medical devices, digital operation theatres and digital pharmacies, however, there is no call for standardization from regulatory bodies such as NABH to safeguard Indian healthcare industry from cyber-attacks. Even though the new, advanced, medical equipment deployed in hospitals today are IoT enabled, and a majority of them are imported in India, sadly, there is no baseline criteria, labelling scheme available to test the security of these IoT-enabled medical devices.

Publication : Economic Times
Date: 02nd Nov 2020
Financial Express Article on “Digitally ready: Start-ups need to factor in the cost of cybersecurity”

Author: Kanishk Gaur (Founder, India Future Foundation)

The pandemic has changed the way businesses run. And, the world is gravitating towards a new normal. Social distancing, minimising physical touchpoints, and movement of customers from offline to online channels is the reality businesses must now live with. Offline businesses taking the help of online aggregators to survive are also the new norm, which has led to a sudden wave of digital availability of many business products and services.

Publication : Financial Express
Date: 19th Oct 2020
Financial Express Article on “Digitally Secure: Plan to train govt personnel on cybersecurity is a good move”

Author: Kanishk Gaur (Founder, India Future Foundation)

While the Centre is yet to release the National Cybersecurity Policy 2020, it has started efforts to plug cybersecurity gaps. As per The Indian Express, state- and central-government employees will be trained on cybersecurity/cyberhygiene best practices over the next two-three years. Broadcast Engineering Consultants India Limited (BECIL), a PSU, has been tasked with selecting agencies for this. Given how the scope for government handling of citizens’ data in the digital format has greatly expanded in recent years, training government official on cybersecurity is a necessity.

Publication : Financial Express
Date: 17th Oct 2020
What Led To The Recent And Massive Twitter Hacking Episode?

Author: Kanishk Gaur (Founder, India Future Foundation)

Critical Analysis of series of events that led to hijacking of HNI accounts on twitter and key takeaways for organizations to safeguard themselves.

Publication : IT NEXT Magazine
Date: 6th Aug 2020
Financial Express Article on the “Need for digital platforms to monitor misinformation ‘infodemic’ “

Author: Kanishk Gaur (Founder, India Future Foundation)

Thousands of live streaming videos on Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, twitter which go viral on these platforms let consumers instant information about an happening before it is published on news websites. But the authenticity of these videos and stories canbe contested. With so much of unverified content present in the digital space, the government, media and public must be in coordination to combat fake news and the coronavirus.

Publication : Financial Express
Date: June 22, 2020
Financial Express covered a webinar organized by India Future Foundation in its article on “Eavesdropper: The key to security“

Author: Kanishk Gaur (Founder, India Future Foundation) was quoted

“While SME’s in India focus on growth and adopt digital technologies to reach out to masses, they often ignore the security and privacy aspect. It’s vital SME’s look at aspects of trust by design, and spend atleast 5-7 % of overall tech budget on cyber security”

Publication : Financial Express
Date: 22nd June 2020
Economic Times Article on “Need to Secure Enterprise Architecture”

Author: Kanishk Gaur (Founder, India Future Foundation)

India must come up with its own national-level Enterprise Architecture which has security build in by design with the involvement of academia, industry and citizens. The author Kanishk Gaur presented his views on the need to secure India Enterprise Architecture.

Publication : Economic Times
Date: 19th August 2019
Discussion on CNBC TV18 news channel on the need to Strengthen Cyber Security

Speaker : Amit Dubey (Co-founder, India Future Foundation)

Date: 26th July 2019
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