Publication of a book on Cyber Crime Stories to spread Cyber Safety Awareness

Hidden Files Tales of Cyber Crime Investigation

A renowned cyber cop Prof. Triveni Singh and a cyber-expert and a very creative story-teller, AmitDubey have used their experiences from the world of cybercrime to put together this remarkable compilation of short stories. Weaving fiction into facts brilliantly, each story illustrates the inherent presence of cybercrime in our existence nowadays. Narrated mostly in the first person, with a few exceptions, the incidents related are based on actual cybercrimes that they have tackled over the course of their career. The layman will be amazed to learn, through this collection of stories, just how prevalent cybercrime is in our time.

Authors: AmitDubey (Co-founder, India Future Foundation) and IPS Prof. Triveni Singh

Date: 26th December 2019

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