Covid-19 Response​

Our Foundation, “India Future Foundation, ” which has been working on public policy, tech policy advocacy, and cyber awareness initiatives, shifted our focus to Covid relief and response work a month back. We decided to focus on covid response work in Delhi/NCR region in India, given the crisis and current situation.

As part of this project, we launched the initiative to build a community of 90 volunteers to lead the entire project allocating various responsibilities to manage end to end operations for Covid relief in Delhi/NCR.

We have also partnered with 3 of the large Covid Centres in Delhi/ NCR to support supplies of medicines, medical equipment, essential foods, support manage supply chain operations and bringing in patients who need beds, oxygen and ICU.

We are working with Ujala Cygnus Covid Care Burari Centre (1000 Oxygen Bed, 200 ICU Bed) and Sardar Patel Covid Care Centre (2000 Bed, 270 Oxygen Beds ) at Chattarpur, New Delhi centre, which ITBP manages.

 IFF even has a cross verification team which checks if there is duplication of relief by other NGO or by administration. This ensures targeted delivery and avoids duplication of relief.

With coordination and help from the administration and police authorities, India Future Foundation’s volunteers are taking the risk to support these helpless citizens in every manner and are trying to reach out to as many of them as possible.