India Future Foundation (IFF) held an online consultation on the Impact of Draft Online Gaming Rules on January 14th, 2023. This provided a platform for assessing the current regulations for gaming platforms and the impact that the provisions of the Draft amendments would create. The agenda of the consultation was to understand the impact that the new draft bill will have on the online gaming sectors. Through this consultation, we intended to highlight the need to regulate the online gaming industry and provide a solution for the threats arising out of gaming platforms such as money laundering.

The discussion was centred around the following points –

1. The composition of SROs.
2. OGI game registrations
3. Due diligence & KYC and its collection within 3 months
4. The need for having a central regulation for OGIs
5. The definition of “online games”
6. Certification of Online Games and the Issuing of Body
7. Grievance Redressal Mechanism


Dr Shruti Mantri – Associate Director, Indian School of Business
Dr Muktesh Chander – Ex Center Director NTRO and NCIIPC. Ex Chief of Traffic Police Delhi
Dr Subi Chaturvedi – Chief Corporate Affairs & Policy Officer, Inmobi
Mr Varun Ramdas – Senior Associate, Koan Advisory Group
Mr Priyesh Mishra – Senior Associate, Koan Advisory Group
Dr Pawan Duggal – Chairman, International Commission on Cyber Security Law
Mr Amit Dubey – Co Founder, India Future Foundation
Mr Kanishk Gaur – Founder, India Future Foundation
Ms Manmeet Randhawa – Head – Corporate Communications & Strategic Alliances, India Future Foundation
Mr Pankaj Toppo – Head – Policy Programmes and Research, India Future Foundation